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Waste to Art is the way for us to showcase that something beautiful is hidden inside the material we throw away. Through this visual representation, we…
Ragusa, a hilltop town in the southeast of Sicily, is a stunning UNESCO world heritage site filled with magnificent baroque monuments.
The journey to the South Pole includes an overnight stay at Dixie’s Camp on the High Polar Plateau.
In a dark room, a drum beats ominously. There is a deafening battle cry and a fierce soldier charges onto the stage brandishing a gleaming sword.
Walking through the sand of the Nazca desert, a little stone gets into my sandal. I look down and see it’s not a stone: it’s a piece of ceramic.
At these high altitudes, the air is crystal-clear, transparent, almost translucent. As if you are moving, sitting, meditating in the midst of an immense…
The Tigers nest monastery is likely the most iconic structure in Bhutan. Located on the Cliffside of the upper Paro valley in Bhutan, it is a sacred…
The 110-kilometer route, constructed in the late 1800s, travels nearly the complete circumference of the volcano, giving passengers breathtaking views…
Graffiti and some of Peru’s most cutting-edge artists are transforming its urban-scape to reveal a side of Callao that rejects violence and hate.
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